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George And Pop
Galtee Mountain Boy
Garvaghy Road
Gay Galtee Mountains
General Munroe
George And Pop
Give Ireland Back To The Irish
Go On Home British Soldiers
God Save Ireland
Green And Orange
Green And The White And The Gold,The
Green Fields Of France
H-Block Song,The
Hackler From Grouse Hall,The
Helicopter Song,The
Henry Joy
Heroine Of Ross,The
Highland Paddy

George And Pop

On the slopes of the Creggan one morning in May,

Four lads left their base with hearts young and gay,

Their cause was for freedom- a cause undenied,

And that foreign oppressor they went to defy.

While patroling our streets they met with the foe,

And with guns at the ready our lads had a go.



So we'll raise up our hands and we'll curse that British hand,

Who tore out the very hearts of men who dared to cross their path,

But my heart is broke in two, won't you tell me what to do,

They couldn't stop poor George and Pop and they'll not stop me and you.


For the place it went silent when the shooting died down,

Two young lads they lay dead on the streets of our town,

Another two lives lost for the ongoing fight,

And in Derry were mourned on that fateful night.


Now Georgie and Pop they lie cold as stone,

They died fighting for Derry, their own native home,

So always remember and don`t ever forget,

They died fighting for Ireland and we owe them debt.