Rebel Songbook GH
Green And Orange
Galtee Mountain Boy
Garvaghy Road
Gay Galtee Mountains
General Munroe
George And Pop
Give Ireland Back To The Irish
Go On Home British Soldiers
God Save Ireland
Green And Orange
Green And The White And The Gold,The
Green Fields Of France
H-Block Song,The
Hackler From Grouse Hall,The
Helicopter Song,The
Henry Joy
Heroine Of Ross,The
Highland Paddy

Green and Orange

Republican raving and terrorist attacks won't stop our marching, we'll stay on your backs
We shout 'no surrender', no papists here' but young lives cut short care not what the cheer.

That loyalist line doesn't stir me one bit Disarm your forces and just call it quits
Your British protectors can not keep us down or for long keep Ulster still tied to the crown.

Green and orange, orange and green with centuries of sorrow and troubles between
Tears and blood flow from Belfast through 'Old Skibbereen' for the green and orange, orange and green.

I'll say my 'Hail Marys' and you pray your prayers, both wishin' our fathers could bless us with theirs
Will you put down your sash and your lambeg drum so our love may flourish and a wedding may come?

I'll not sin against you by kissing another nor dishonor the memory of your fallen brother
Faith, love and children I'll give you with pride, If you will become my bonny bride.

Green and orange, orange and green 'n the whitest gown that you've ever seen
The hope of the future seems only a dream for the green and orange, orange and green.

The Easter accord brings the promise of peace pushed to a point where the killing must cease
Can we move beyond our cursed history and become a people, united and free?

On Sunday July the 12th in '98 a gas bomb exploded, ignited by hate
Three brothers named 'Quinn', their young lives lost such innocent children are payin'the cost.

For the green and orange, orange and green and a shade of white, the color between
Truce or surrender, what does it mean for the green and orange, orange and green?