Rebel Songbook GH
Go On Home British Soldiers
Galtee Mountain Boy
Garvaghy Road
Gay Galtee Mountains
General Munroe
George And Pop
Give Ireland Back To The Irish
Go On Home British Soldiers
God Save Ireland
Green And Orange
Green And The White And The Gold,The
Green Fields Of France
H-Block Song,The
Hackler From Grouse Hall,The
Helicopter Song,The
Henry Joy
Heroine Of Ross,The
Highland Paddy

Go On Home British Soldiers

Go on home British soldiers, go on home.
Have you got no fuckin' homes of your own ?
For eight hundred years we've fought you without fear
And we will fight you for eight hundred more.

If you stay British soldiers, if you stay
You will never ever beat the IRA
The fourteen men in Derry are the last that you will bury
So take a tip and leave us while you may.

No, we're not British, we're not Saxon, we're not English
We're Irish! and proud we are to be.
So fuck your union jack we want our country back
We want to see old Ireland free once more.

Well we're fighting British soldiers for the cause
We'll never bow to soldiers because
Throughout our history we were born to be free
So get out British soldiers, leave us be.