Rebel Songbook GH
Highland Paddy
Galtee Mountain Boy
Garvaghy Road
Gay Galtee Mountains
General Munroe
George And Pop
Give Ireland Back To The Irish
Go On Home British Soldiers
God Save Ireland
Green And Orange
Green And The White And The Gold,The
Green Fields Of France
H-Block Song,The
Hackler From Grouse Hall,The
Helicopter Song,The
Henry Joy
Heroine Of Ross,The
Highland Paddy

Highland Paddy
One evening fair as the sun
                                    was shining
To Kilkenny I did ride, I did meet with Captain
                                    tall commander by his side.
Then you are welcome Highland Paddy
By my side you'll surely stand, hear the people shout for freedom
We'll rise in the morning with the Fenian
                                    in the morning with the Fenian band.
In the morning we rose early
Just before the break of dawn, blackbirds singing in the bushes
Greetings to a smiling morn.
Gather round me men of Ireland
Gather Fenians gather round, hand to hand
                                    with sword and musket
Spill the blood upon this holy ground.
There's a glen beside the river
Just outside Kilkenny Town, there we met
                                    the noble Captain
Men lay dead upon the ground.
There's a grave beside the river
A mile outside Kilkenny Town, there we laid
                                    our noble Captain
Birds were silent when this Fenian died.
All my life I will remember
I'll remember night and day that once I rode
                                    into Kilkenny
And I heard this noble Captain say