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Tenth Hunger Striker,The
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Tenth Hunger Striker,The
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Unfinished Revolution
Upton Ambush
Valley Of Knockanure,The
Vinegar Hill

The Tenth Hunger Striker (Mickey Divine)

A youth from the city of Derry,

Brought up in povert streets,

No work, no pay, just prolonged misery,

Oppressed by a bigoted state,

I joined the march of my people,

To change gerrymandering ties,

More homes, more jobs, civil rights for all,

That was our protesting cry.

I will be the tenth hunger-striker,

I'm proud to answer the call,

This pain I take on will make us more strong,

For the Socialist Republic weseek.


As we walked peaceful and solemn,

They beat us into the ground,

Arredted and jailed, locked up in a cage,

Interned to silence our songs,

That started years of great sorrow,

So vivid would soon take it's toll,

The torture the dread, many shot dead,

And our land was without a soul.

I am the tenth hunger-striker,

My heart it mourns for my friends,

Inside me it cried as my comrades died,

And now the fight comes to me.


So I took up the fight like James Connolly,

The people have risen again,

I felt so proud when my rifle spoke loud,

Bhear brugh the warcry I'd sing,

Captured and taken to the H-Blocks,

I joined te brave Blanket-Men,

Though naked and beat I saw their defeat,

As our hunger-strike it began.

I leave as the last hunger-striker,

My pain will soon come to end,

I leave you, my love, my daughter and son,

And sister Margaret so dear,


Remember the ten hunger-strikers,

Who died with great dignity,

So you all can see Ireland once more free,

And a Socialist Republic for all.