Rebel Songbook T-V
Tiocfaidh r L
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Unfinished Revolution
Upton Ambush
Valley Of Knockanure,The
Vinegar Hill

Tiocfaidh r L (Our Day Will Come)
Gerry O'Glacain
The Irish Brigade


Tiocfaidh r l, our day will come

Our glorious day, for Erin's fighting sons

The day will come, we will be free

Tiocfaidh r l, the dawn of liberty.


It's been a long 800 years

Of British scorn and Irish tears

And only freedom will suffice

We've made too long a sacrifice.


And those who hold the power today

A full account you'll have to pay

To those held down by unjust laws

Because they love our freedom's cause.


And those who make the prisons hell

Who hold the keys and lock the cells

Your time will come, it's long due

We'll have our chance to turn the screw.