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Two Brendans,The
Take It Down From The Mast
Take Me Home To Mayo
Teach Us How To Die
Teddy Bear's Head,The
Ten Brave Men,The
Tenth Hunger Striker,The
Terrorist Or Dreamer?
The Time Has Come
Thirty-Two Counties,The
Three Flowers
Thy Wounded Old Ireland
Tim McGuire
Time To Go
Tiocfaidh Ár Lá
Tom Williams
Tone Is Coming Back Again
Tone's Grave
Town I Loved So Well,The
Tri-Coloured Ribbon
Twenty Men From Dublin Town
Two Brendans,The
Unfinished Revolution
Upton Ambush
Valley Of Knockanure,The
Vinegar Hill

The Two Brendans

I'll tell a tale of gallant men,

Who in the hills around Crossmaglen,

Became a living legend in their day.

Their daring deeds in freedom's fight,

Shone like a beacon in the night,

Where Harvey and McVerry showed the way.



A song can't bring them back again,

Or heal the wounds or sooth the pain,

A song can only keep alive their names,

Of gallant women and of men,

Their lives consumed in freedom's flame,

And we owe that much to Moley and to Burns.


A pall of smoke goes o'er the land,

As cruel fate had played it's hand,

The two Brendan's would have chose no other way,

They died the way they'd want to go,

In action 'gainst the British foe,

They lived and died to serve the IRA.


In Crossmaglen and Dromintee,

We keep alive their memory,

In Silverbridge they speak their names with pride,

And from Dorsey down to Keady town,

Through generations we'll pass on,

Their exploits and the cause for which they died.


We're a special kind of people here,

We breed defiance never fear,

And we'll still be here when the tide against England turns,

Oh for in our hearts we know we're right,

And we never will give up the fight,

We owe that much to Moley and to Burns.


We salute you Brendan Moley and Brendan Burns.