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The Armoured Car
Séan O'Callaghan

Come all my good friends and around me attend
You can listen to my song
You must appreciate a hound so great
To the sport that you belong
No land or title did he ever own
And he cared nought for whom you are
He was bred and trained by the boys of Fairhill
And they called him the Armoured Car.

Facts to you I'll disclose, he had a checkproof nose
And he never yet lost a hunt
He had cast-iron jaws and steel-padded paws
Every nail was like an iron bar
From one mile to ten, he would never give in
If you ran him from here to Castlebar
Small wonder, gentlemen, that the boys of Fairhill
Used to call him the Armoured Car.

In the year of twenty one when he started to run
Having surveyed the country all round
He sent a sworn declaration to the Harriers Association
That he cared not for man, hare or hound
And he swore right then that if he didn't win
To Fairhill he'd never repair
And I'm sure the British fleet they would have to retreat
From Doylie's old Armoured Car.

'Twas on the green fields of Gurranabraher he first declared war
On his terrible Southern foes
And he swore once again that if he didn't win
To Fairhill he never would go
Coming down Scrivens's farm he raised the alarm
Saying, I wonder where the other hounds are
And loud and high you could hear the cry
Of Doylie's Armoured Car.

At the Battle of Waterloo well they all well knew
How he laid the enemy low
When they thought he was done from the heat of the sun
And the armour on fire would go
To the finish from the start he broke the Blarney dogs' heart
From the flags sure he took them afar
When a shout from Séan - carr' ahead, Ceolán!
Take the place of the Armoured Car.

He stormed Timoleague nearly causing a plague
For he fought till the sands grew dark
And the country people round, they had got terror bound
When for light, faith, there wasn't a spark
The judges growing tired were soon inspired
When out shone the evening star
Who should be coming to the front and he leading the hunt
But Doylie's old Armoured Car.

When the Free State bill was framed and peace proclaimed
And the country slumbered in repose
North, South, East and West, he couldn't be suppressed
For he cared not for man or foe
When the Black and Tans and the Saxon gangs
For England sailed afar
With all their guns and rap, sure never could they capture
Doylie's Armoured Car.

Now here is my glass and around may it pass
As we drink in bonds of love
Here's to every hand that mine can expand
And to those up in heaven above
Here's to every hound who knows his ground
No matter where they are
'Twould be Connie Doyle's delight if every dog here tonight
Had a heart like the Armoured Car.