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All The Little Children
Tommy Sands

And we're singing of the times
When the sun will always shine
And armoured cars and tanks will fade away
People will be one, and fighting will be done
And all the little children they can play.

Little children hiding in the shadows
Waiting for the changing of the day
Watching for a break between the showers
When they can go out and start to play.

I can hear you saying it's impossible
Just look at the blood upon the road
But I don't think that it's impossible
For now we see that all our blood is red.

It seems that cure is better than prevention
If not then Doctor John would have no pay
And all the kings and queens would have no pensions
If all the little children they could play.

I don't suppose a man will stop his struggling
If he's lying with his back upon the ground
It's only when every man is standing
That peace and justice can be found.