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Provos Lullaby,The
Paddy Public Enemy No.1
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Patriot Game,The
Patsy O'Hara
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Peatbog Soldiers,The
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Provos Lullaby,The
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Rebel Heart
Rebel's Sermon,The
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Rifles Of The I.R.A.
Right Will Conquer Might
Rising Of The Moon
Rock On Rockall
Roddy McCorley
Roddy McCorley
Roddy McCorley
Roll Of Honour
Rory O'More
Rubber Bullets

The Provos Lullaby


So go to sleep my weary Provo

Let the time go drifting by

Can`t you hear those bullets humming

That`s the Provos lullaby.


Well I know your clothes are worn and tattered

And your hair is turning slightly grey

Someday you`ll die and go to heaven

And you`ll find peace again some day.


Well I know those peelers gave you trouble

They cause trouble everywhere

Someday you`ll die and go to heaven

There`ll be no black bastards over there.