Rebel Songbook P-R
Reverend Doctor,The
Paddy Public Enemy No.1
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Pat O'Donnell
Patriot Game,The
Patsy O'Hara
Pearse Jordan
Peatbog Soldiers,The
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Pick Up Your Rifle
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Rebel Heart
Rebel's Sermon,The
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Reverend Doctor,The
Reverend Willie McCrae
Rifles Of The I.R.A.
Right Will Conquer Might
Rising Of The Moon
Rock On Rockall
Roddy McCorley
Roddy McCorley
Roddy McCorley
Roll Of Honour
Rory O'More
Rubber Bullets

The Reverend Doctor

There's a man up in Ulster you all know him well,

For Catholics and Republicans he'd chase in hell,

His name's Ian Paisley and that is the man,

That the Catholics and Republicans just couldn't give a damn.



Tooraloo Tooralay

You're the best friend we've had since the old IRA.


Well now Ian went home and at his wife he did stare,

For to see Austin Curry and Gerry Fitt there,

Sure Ian the critter his head went astray,

When his wife said I've had curry, I could feel fit all day.


Well now Ian went home very late one night,

And the sight he saw there it gave him a fright,

He looked under his wife's bedclothes for he was so bold,

And the knickers she wore they were green, white and gold.


"Ach now Ian, now Ian, now don't be alarmed,"

"For it's only a tricolour it'll do thee no harm,"

"I only wanted a wee bit with you,"

"Sure you wouldn't take them down if they were red, white and blue!"


Well Ian he died and to Heaven did go,

"Ah, where did you come from?" Saint Peter wanted to know,

"Sure I'm from loyal Ulster!", he said with a sneer,

Said Peter, "I'm from the Bogside, you won't get in here!"