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The Reverend Willie McCrae

Well how do you do Reverend William McCrae?

I see from the  papers that you've gone away,

Like Major and Thatcher, all yesterday's men,

And you never will walk in Westminster again.

Well now how does it feel when you haven't a voice?

When the one who's elected is not the man of your choice?

Well your Stormont is gone and now your Westminster too,

It's the start of the end for the red, white and blue.



Well you can march to Dunloy, you can march to Drumcree,

You can march up the mountains and into the sea!

Oh but you never will march over the green flag again,

You've been stopped in your tracks by the man from Sinn Fein.


Well now how does it feel Reverend William McCrae?

To know that your voters have all gone away,

Well don't give up your night job you could still be a star,

With "King Rat" as your agent you won't go too far.

Well the sun now it shines on mid-Ulster today,

The people are happy, they've all had their say,

Oh with Martin and with Gerry who won in Belfast,

The votes they are counted - the die , it is cast.