Rebel Songbook I-K


I Hate To Hear People Cry
If I Should Fall From Grace With God
If It Wasn't For The Border
Impartial Police Force,The
INLA Freedom Fighters
Ireland, Boys, Hurrah!
Ireland Divided
Ireland Unfree
Ireland United,Gaelic And Free
Ireland's Fight For Freedom
Irish Citizen Army
Irish Free State,The
Irish Rebel Spy,The
Irish Soldier Boy
Irish Soldier Laddie
Irish Ways And Irish Laws
Jackets Green,The
James Connolly
James Connolly
James Larkin
Joe McManus
Joe McCann
Joe McDonnell
John Mitchel
Johnson's Motorcar
Kelly The Boy From Killane
Kerry Recruit,The
Kevin Barry
Kevin Lynch
Kieran Doherty

What shall we do for timber?
The last of the woods is down.
Kilcash and the house of its glory
And the bell of the house are gone.
The spot where that lady waited
Who shamed all women for grace
When earls came sailing to meet her
And Mass was said in the place.

My grief and my affliction
Your gates have taken away,
Your avenue needs attention,
Goats in the garden stray.
The courtyard's filled with water
And the great earls, where are they?
The earls, the lady, the people
Beaten into the clay.