Rebel Songbook I-K
Impartial Police Force,The
I Hate To Hear People Cry
If I Should Fall From Grace With God
If It Wasn't For The Border
Impartial Police Force,The
INLA Freedom Fighters
Ireland, Boys, Hurrah!
Ireland Divided
Ireland Unfree
Ireland United,Gaelic And Free
Ireland's Fight For Freedom
Irish Citizen Army
Irish Free State,The
Irish Rebel Spy,The
Irish Soldier Boy
Irish Soldier Laddie
Irish Ways And Irish Laws
Jackets Green,The
James Connolly
James Connolly
James Larkin
Joe McManus
Joe McCann
Joe McDonnell
John Mitchel
Johnson's Motorcar
Kelly The Boy From Killane
Kerry Recruit,The
Kevin Barry
Kevin Lynch
Kieran Doherty

The Impartial Police Force



If you're in Andytown or the Creggan we'll greet you with tiocfaidh ár lá,

Oh we're nice and polite, by day and by night, we'll answer to (?)

Dont mind the machine guns and pistols we wear them now only for show,

And if ever they're used Orange men well abuse and we'll teach them the bigots own law.



Oh we are the impartial police force, the guardians of Ulster are we,

Well protect you Sinn Feiners, yon Fenians and Taigs, we're known as reformed RUC,

Now some of you Fenians may wonder, what a sudden conversion we had,

On the 12fth of July, a big flash in the sky we were all drove impartially mad!


Now come all of ye Born Again Christians, oh ye'd better not give any jaw,

For we don't give a hoot, the plastic we shoot, you'll feel the long arm of the law,

And all you Sinn Feiners and Councils you'll get a fair crack from the wand,

And dont take any crap from those UDR chaps well teach them what's right and whats wrong!


There are some of our members now walking the roads in South County Armagh,

And sure up in the glens were all making friends on the tricolour now there's no bar,

Now some go unconscious for hours and then they go into a daze

Well they walk to the maze and they open the cage and release all the Prisoners Of War!


Now we've lots of friends down in Dublin no pals of the Loyalists are we,

Oh never again will we shoot Fenian men, with Papish we'll sit down to tea,

We're just like the Gardae in Dublin or the coppers in New York you see,

Oh we're Herman's brigade and we're all well behaved the impartial police force are we!