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Irish Soldier Boy
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Irish Soldier Boy
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Irish Soldier Boy

At a cottage door one wintry night
As the snow lay on the ground
Stood a youthful Irish soldier boy
for the mountains he was bound.
His mother stood beside him and said
"You'll win my boy, don't fear."
And with loving arms around his waist
She tied his bandoleer.

"Goodbye, God bless you mother dear,
I hope your heart won't pain.
But pray to God your soldier boy,
Your son you'll see again.
And when I'm out on the firing line
It will be a source of joy
To know that you're the mother proud
Of an Irish soldier boy".

When the fighting it was over
And the flag of truce was raised
The leaders ordered the firing to cease
All Ireland stood amazed.
Some men came up to the cottage door
With a note from her pride and joy
Containing news in sad detail
Of her Irish soldier boy.

"Goodbye, God bless you mother dear
I'm dying a death so grand.
From wounds received in fighting
Trying to free my native land.
And when I'm up in heaven above
In the land beyond the sky
You'll always be in the company
Of your Irish soldier boy."