Rebel Songbook C-F
Fenians From Cahirciveen
Cahir O'Doherty
Castle Of Drumboe
Children Of The Dole
Clare's Dragoons
Come Out Ye Black And Tans
Come To The Bower
Connolly Was There
Croppies Lie Down
Croppy Boy,The
Croppy Boy,The
Croppy Boy,The
Dawning Of The Day
Dear Harp Of My Country
Death Before Revenge
Derry's Streets
Disband The R.U.C.
Drumboe Martyrs
Drumnakilly Ambush,The
Dungannon '57
Dying Rebel,The
Eamon Wright
Erin Go Bragh
Erin's Flag
Ethel Lynch
Extradition Song,The
Faith Of Our Fathers
Fanatic Heart
Father Murphy
Father's Blessing
Fenian Record Player,The
Fenians Escape,The
Fenians From Cahirciveen
Fenians Of The Rock
Fields Of Athenry
Fields Of Athenry
Fighting Men Of Crossmaglen
Fire Of Freedom
Flag Of The Fianna
Foggy Dew,The
Follow Me Up To Carlow
For What Died The Sons Of Róisín
Forever In My Mind
Forgotten Hero
Four Green Fields
Free Joe Now
Free The People
Freedom Walk

The Fenians From Cahirciveen
I am a bold Fenian from Cahirciveen
That late took my gun for to fight for the Green
Over mountains and woodlands I wandered along
Now I'll leave it alone and commence on my song
We marched to Kells station that lies near the strand
Where the sea rushes in with wild waves through the land
And then you may say we had courage go leor (go leor - plenty)
When Kells station was taken by the boys from Kylemore.

We marched all along and our guns we did load
We then met a policeman, on horseback he rode
We asked him to surrender but the answer was, No
And a ball from young Conway soon levelled him low
Again we marched on and our guns did reload
We met Father Meegan and for him we bowed
He gave us his blessing saying, God be your friend
On the mission for Freedom on which you are bent.

Come shoulder your arms, come march and obey
For alas! we were beaten all on the next day
Our plans were found out by some dirty old spy
And on Captain Moriarty they did cast an eye
Moriarty came in on the mail car next day
To get all our brave boys for to join in the fray
To our greatest surprise he was marched off to jail
And he left us in sorrow our loss to bewail.

And it's over the mountains we then took our course
Our stomachs being slack and our feet being sore
We were in our number about sixty strong
Surrounded by redcoats for something went wrong
So hurrah for the Fenians from Cahirciveen
No bolder, no finer in Erin was seen
No braver battalion did fight for the Green
Than the true-hearted Fenians from Cahirciveen.