Rebel Songbook C-F
Eamon Wright
Cahir O'Doherty
Castle Of Drumboe
Children Of The Dole
Clare's Dragoons
Come Out Ye Black And Tans
Come To The Bower
Connolly Was There
Croppies Lie Down
Croppy Boy,The
Croppy Boy,The
Croppy Boy,The
Dawning Of The Day
Dear Harp Of My Country
Death Before Revenge
Derry's Streets
Disband The R.U.C.
Drumboe Martyrs
Drumnakilly Ambush,The
Dungannon '57
Dying Rebel,The
Eamon Wright
Erin Go Bragh
Erin's Flag
Ethel Lynch
Extradition Song,The
Faith Of Our Fathers
Fanatic Heart
Father Murphy
Father's Blessing
Fenian Record Player,The
Fenians Escape,The
Fenians From Cahirciveen
Fenians Of The Rock
Fields Of Athenry
Fields Of Athenry
Fighting Men Of Crossmaglen
Fire Of Freedom
Flag Of The Fianna
Foggy Dew,The
Follow Me Up To Carlow
For What Died The Sons Of Róisín
Forever In My Mind
Forgotten Hero
Four Green Fields
Free Joe Now
Free The People
Freedom Walk

Eamon Wright



I'll sing a song of an Irishman they hunted high & low,

Through Crossmaglen with a thousand men but he vanished like the snow,

Eamon Wright they called him, 'cause aiming was his game,

No matter where the British went he got them just the same.



Ten, twenty, thirty, forty, fifty, or more,

The one-shot sniper added up the score.

He never missed his target in day or dead of night,

The IRA made them pay with the famous Eamon Wright.


He brought his gun to Andytown and Ballymurphy too,

To Ardoyne and the New Lodge to fight for me and you,

The Army say they saw him on a roof in Creggan heights,

His rifle barked he found his mark and vanished out of sight.


The British said he worked alone a terrorist by trade,

A solitary gunman from the South Armagh Brigade,

But it soon became apparent when they tried to hold our land,

Theres more than a thousand Eamon Wrights in the IRA command.