Rebel Songbook C-F
Drumnakilly Ambush,The
Cahir O'Doherty
Castle Of Drumboe
Children Of The Dole
Clare's Dragoons
Come Out Ye Black And Tans
Come To The Bower
Connolly Was There
Croppies Lie Down
Croppy Boy,The
Croppy Boy,The
Croppy Boy,The
Dawning Of The Day
Dear Harp Of My Country
Death Before Revenge
Derry's Streets
Disband The R.U.C.
Drumboe Martyrs
Drumnakilly Ambush,The
Dungannon '57
Dying Rebel,The
Eamon Wright
Erin Go Bragh
Erin's Flag
Ethel Lynch
Extradition Song,The
Faith Of Our Fathers
Fanatic Heart
Father Murphy
Father's Blessing
Fenian Record Player,The
Fenians Escape,The
Fenians From Cahirciveen
Fenians Of The Rock
Fields Of Athenry
Fields Of Athenry
Fighting Men Of Crossmaglen
Fire Of Freedom
Flag Of The Fianna
Foggy Dew,The
Follow Me Up To Carlow
For What Died The Sons Of Róisín
Forever In My Mind
Forgotten Hero
Four Green Fields
Free Joe Now
Free The People
Freedom Walk

The Drumnakilly Ambush



Once again black  flags are hoisted in the county of Tyrone

Three more good men lie butchered by the forces of the crown

We shed tears of grief and anger as the news spreads quickly round

How the SAS had waited and without warning gunned them down.



Now the green flag is wrapped around them

Gloves and berets on their chests

We salute three gallant soldiers

As we lay them down to rest.


On the road past Drumnakilly sorrow shrouds thae roadway still

There the Sas men lay in ambush to do Maggie Thatchers will

Like Loughall and like Gibralter British justice has no frills

They came to Tyrone for vengeance and their orders were to kill.


Gerry and Martin Harte we`ve lost you we remember you with pride

You both had so much to live for now your dreams have been denied

Brian Mullin we shall miss you with your friendly smiling face

Though you died with your fond comrades in our hearts you hold the place.


Three brave volunteers are gone what is there left to say

It was Ireland`s love that called them when they joined the IRA

So let thatcher send her murderers to the hills of gree Tyrone

It is she who will be mourning when we send her soldiers home.