Rebel Songbook NO
One Shot Paddy
Nelson's Farewell
New Generation
Nineteen Men
Ninety Miles From Dublin Town
No Irish Need Apply
No Time For Love
O'Donnell Abú
O'Donnell Of Tipperary
O'Donovan Rossa's Farewell
O'Dwyer Of The Glen
O'Hara, Hughes, McCreesh And Sands
Oft In The Stilly Night
Old Alarm Clock,The
Old Fenian Gun,The
On The Blanket
On The One Road
One Shot Paddy
One Sunday Morning
Only Our Rivers Run Free
Oró Sé Do Bheatha 'Bhaile
Oró, Sé Do Bheatha 'Bhaile
Ould Orange Flute, The
Outlaw Rapparee,The
Over The Wall

One Shot Paddy



In Ireland many years ago or so the legend says

Saint Patrick roamed the hills and glens to drive the snakes away,

But now we have another another saint thats bad news for the crown

His name is 'One Shot Paddy' and its Brits that he will hound!



The brits are getting worried theyve all gone underground

If One Shot Paddy sees them they know theyre going down

So the next time that you see the Brits with their faces full of fright

Look out for 'One Shot Paddy' and his friend called Eamon Wright!


Through the hills of South Armagh this gallant hero roams

Hell wander through the countryside he likes to call his home,

And when he finds a target he will quietly take his aim,

It is then that you will hear the crack and the Brits know whos to blame!


So if youre home at night and the newsflash it is red,

Your man from South Armaghs at work another soldier dead,

And when it comes to celebrate Saint Patricks day cheer,

Remember 'One Shot Paddy' and the gallant IRA!