Rebel Songbook LM
My Old Man
Last House In Our Street
Last Night I Had A Happy Dream
Legion Of The Rearguard
Let Erin Remember
Let The People Sing
Lid Of My Granny's Bin
Limb Of The Law,The
Little Drummer Boy
London's Derry
Lonely Woods Of Upton
Long Held In Chains
Long Kesh
Long March To Derry,The
Loughall Ambush,The
Lough Sheelin Eviction
Mairéad Farrell
Man From God-Knows-Where,The
Man From Mullingar
Man From The Daily Mail,The
Martin Hurson
Masters Of War
McElwee's Farewell
McVerry's Men
Meet Me At The Pillar
Memory Of The Dead,The
Men Behind The Wire
Men Of Easter Week
Men Of '81
Men Of The West
Merry Ploughboy
Michael Divine
Michael Collins
Michael Dwyer
Minstrel Boy,The
Mountains Of Pomeroy,The
Murray And McDonald
My Father Once Said To Me
My Heart Is In Ireland
My Last Farewell
My Little Armalite
My Old Man
My Youngest Son Came Home Today

My Old Man

The police are aye hassling me each time that I go out

They ask me if I've seen him and if he's been about

I say mind your own business and just leave me alone

You shower of holy gibbons have ye no fathers of your own?



Well my old man's a Provo with a beret and a gun

I haven't seen him lately, he's always on the run

He looks so really trendy in his shades and DM boots

Much better than those other dads in ties and shirts and suits.


On RTE last Friday night, a man came on to say,

"Please give us information about the IRA".

He showed a Provo unit as clear as clear could be,

And I know one was me daddy cause he stopped and waved at me!


My da, hes got me worried; I think hes going soft,

Theres half a tonne of fertiliser stored up in our loft.

"You gonna be a farmer, da?" I asked him just for fun,

He says, "Don't be an eejit, pass the coffee grinder, son."


At Christmas time it's lonely when Daddy's not around

The police are watching everywhere they`ve even tapped our phones

Last Christmas Eve they staked-out our windows and our doors

Then climbing down the chimney came a Provo Santa Claus.


My Daddy's up in Long Kesh now, to me it's just a drive

I'll say a special prayer for him when I go to bed tonight

Today it was his birthday, I sent him up a cake;

There's Semtex in the candles: he'll be out before I wake!