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Lough Sheelin Eviction
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Lough Sheelin Eviction
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My Heart Is In Ireland
My Last Farewell
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My Old Man
My Youngest Son Came Home Today

Lough Sheelin Eviction



Farewell my country, a long farewell.
My tale of anguish no tongue can tell.
For I must go for the ocean wide,
From my cottage home by Lough Sheelin side.

It was at the dance in the village green,
I met young Eileen my own cauleen.
I took young Eileen my fond young bride
To my cottage home by Lough Sheelin side.

How proud was I of my girl so fair,

I was envied most by the young men there,

When I took her back a bashful bride,

To my cottage home by Lough Sheelin side.



Farewell my love, a fond adieu,

Farewell my country and my comrades too, 

For Im forced to fly oer the ocean wide,

From the home I love by Lough Sheelins side.


But our good dreams were too good to last.
The landlord came our young hopes to blast.
And he no mercy on us did show
As he turned us out in the blinding snow.

Will no one open to us a door
In case that vengeance on them might fall.
My Eileen fainted in my arms and died
As the snow fell fast by Lough Sheelin side.

I buried her down in the churchyard low.
It was in the spring-time when the daisies grow.
Sad tears I shed for my fond young bride
Who's sleeping now by Lough Sheelin side.

Farewell my country , farewell all day,

The ship will soon take me far away,

But oh my fond heart would sooner bide,

Near my Eileens grave by Lough Sheelin side.