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Bye Bye Ballymena
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Bye Bye Ballymena

Bye Bye Ballymena

Gerry O'Glacain

So bye bye Ballymena were going far away,

For they tell us that the RUC will be disbanded any day

Weve served a lifetime in its ranks for God and Ulster true,

Now theyve given us a medal and said, sign up on the brew!


I became an RUC cadet as soon as I left school,

And I earned a pretty packet for maintaining British rule,

I was proud to wear the emblem of the Harp beneath the crown,

And to uphold law and order just by tramping Fenians down.


Well they taught all RUC cadets to be loyal, fair and kind,

And to never hit a Catholic unless its from behind,

When it came to target practise I scored ten out of ten,

But there were no cardboard Provos when I went to Crossmaglen!


Ive been stoned and spat and sniped at and it seems unfair to me,

We were piggies in the middle at the standoff at Drumcree,

Our heritage has been questioned and theyve called us lazy slobs,

And to add insult to injury weve lost our bloody jobs!


So bye bye Ballymena we wont be back again,

We just cant stand the prospect of taking orders from Sinn Fein,

Were leaving in the morning we really RUC (are you see),

I just hope the foreign legion still takes lads like Bert and me!