Rebel Songbook S
Sad Song For Susan
St.Brendan's Voyage
SAM Song
Sarah Curran
Say Hello To The Provos
Sea Around Us,The
Seamus Costello
Sean South Of Garryowen
Sean Treacy
Sean Bhean Bhocht
Set Ireland Free
Shall My Soul Pass Through Old Ireland?
Skipping Rhymes
Smashing Of The Van(Glasgow)
Smashing Of The Van(Manchester)
Sniper's Promise
Soldiers Of '22
Something Inside So Strong
Song For Marcella
Song For The Brave
Song Of The Irish Brigade
Starry Plough,The
Stuff Yer Decommission
Sunday Bloody Sunday
Sunday Bloody Sunday
Sunday Bloody Sunday
Surrounded By Water

The Supergrass
Gerry O'Glacain
ŠThe Irish Brigade
Now when Ireland we rosen up at last

There's the UDR the Army and the SAS

But the lowest of the low is the foe you do not know

And thats the man they call the supergrass.



Singing rifa ter a ludy tera lee

Theres no one who can tell a lie like me

You can search until you tire youll never find a bigger liar

Im the supergrass youve seen me on TV.


I can name you people I have never seen

I can tell you places I have never been

For if the moneys right I could tell black was white

I could tell you Gerry Adams loves the queen.


Spare a thought for poor Kirkpatrick and for Black

Sure theyre nervous now that Gilmours got the sack

For they put their trust in villains and they took the saxon shillings

Their own hands put the noose around their necks.


To my native land I bid a fond farewell

Where Im going is the one thing I wont tell

But Ill keep a watch behind for if anyman should find me

The only place Ill ever go is hell.


You might see my face in some exotic bar

In New Zealand or far off Africa

I have no friends or relations I betrayed the Irish nation

Thirty silver pieces doesnt get you far.