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Set Ireland Free
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Set Ireland Free
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Sunday Bloody Sunday
Sunday Bloody Sunday
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Set Ireland Free

We read in history pages
Of the heroes of great fame.
The deeds they done and battles won
And how they made their name.
But the boys who wrote the history
Of the Orange, White and Green,
Are the boys who died in Dublin town in 1916.

There were some boys from Kerry,
Some boys from County Clare.
From Carlow, Wexford, Donegal,
And boys from old Kildare.
Some boys came from America,
From Boston and New York.
But the boys who bate the Black 'n' Tans
Were the boys from County Cork

We seem to be divided but I really don't know why.
We had brave men and heroes, and for Ireland they did die.
Now why not get together and join in unity,
The North, the South, the East and West
Will set old Ireland free.

From Cork came brave McSweeney,
A hero he did die.
From Wicklow came Paul Brady
In days so long gone by.
And Dublin gave us Padraic Pearse,
McBride and Cathal Brugha.
De Valera from America
Had to lead our country through.